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Aim Success for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child is important. It requires careful consideration. After all, the school must reflect your values, meet your expectations, and offer your child an environment that is both stimulating and safe.

Finding the right school is not always easy, but there are many good reasons for choosing Viamonde.
Proximity: Education that brings us together
Viamonde’s schools are on a human scale. Staff members at each school know all of the students. The students are appropriately supervised at all times and they also look out for each other.

Inclusion: Schools that represent the world beyond our doors.
The secular education we offer reflects the humanistic values of tolerance and openness. Every day, our teachers encourage their students to develop their judgment and their character.
Academic Success: Our daily priority
The education Viamonde offers is adapted to each and every student. Our priority is to offer all students appropriate support, fostering their ability to learn and reach their full potential.
Future potential: a living environment and opportunities for the future
We graduate students who are responsible, with superior language skills and opportunities for higher-paying jobs. Our graduates are recognized by universities and colleges throughout Canada and abroad.
Learn more by reading our brochure (also available in the Ressources section)

How to enroll

Here are the steps you must take to enroll your child in one of Conseil scolaire Viamonde’s schools:



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