What Sets us Apart

In Viamonde schools, anything is possible

More than French immersion: a completely French-language environment

Viamonde is a network of French-language schools.

And while these schools welcome students of different languages, religions, and cultures, once inside, everything is done in French. This means that, in every school and in every grade starting in Kindergarten, your children:

  • Learn all of their school subjects in French, with the obvious exception of English and Spanish. This is very different from French immersion, in which French is taught as a second language in a school where some subjects are taught in French.
  • Live in French, before, during, and after class—and between classes, too. All school activities and extracurricular activities take place in French. This is not always the case in English-language schools that offer French immersion programs. 
  • Experience Francophone culture from here and from other countries, through activities that are offered in each school by its French-language cultural development department or service d'animation culturelle francophone.

The outcome? By the time they graduate from high school, your children will be fluent in oral and written French and English.

Thanks to their language skills, knowledge base, and overall culture, they will be able to study in any field, in the language of their choice. Interested in learning more? Visit our newcomers page!

Everything your children need to succeed

At Viamonde, all students are able to develop to their full potential, irrespective of their particular needs and learning abilities. In each of our schools, dedicated, competent education professionals provide students with an environment that supports their growth and success.

Some of the benefits of a Viamonde school for your children

  • A close-knit community. Our schools are on a human scale. As a result, everybody knows everybody else! Every member of the staff is immediately able to recognise every student. Viamonde students learn in a supportive environment where they feel responsible for each other.
  • Inclusiveness and openness to the world. Our public education is based on the values of tolerance and respect for difference. As a result, our teachers do more than deliver content; they shape humanist minds capable of informed judgment.
  • School success and an education adapted to each student. These are our two core priorities, day in and day out! Our teachers have a mission to help each student to reach—and surpass—his or her potential and to prepare each student for the future. We shape responsible students, who are fluent in French and English and ready to embark on a lucrative career. The calibre of our graduates is recognized by colleges and universities here in Canada and abroad.

Culture at Viamonde

Because culture is central to the Francophone identity, it must be protected and promoted, which is why Viamonde’s schools provide animation culturelle and education professionals whose job it is to create a French-language environment that reflects student diversity. At a Viamonde school, your children will have privileged access to:

  • A wide range of cultural, athletic, and extracurricular activities in French;
  • French-language cultural products, reflecting life here in Ontario and around the world.

Your children will have opportunities to experience and enrich their Francophone culture. They will have opportunities to develop their personality, creativity, and curiosity. In other words, the variety of enriching activities that animation culturelle offers will enable your children to develop to their full potential and make the right choices for their own lives and for the future of our society.

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